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Secrets to Finding Affordable Driftwood for your Projects

POSTED ON JAN 16, 2024

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Many enthusiasts consider crafting with driftwood a potential source of income. With the increasing demand for quality raw materials, the availability of driftwood is diminishing. However, there are locations where to buy driftwood is readily available and offered at an affordable price.

Places to get Driftwood

Finding a cheap driftwood depends on its availability in your location. The tips on getting affordable driftwood are the following:

1. Bodies of Water

bodies of water

Visiting beaches or coastal areas after storms or high tides is the best way to find driftwood along the shore. Driftwoods are often washed ashore during these times. Keep in mind that some areas have regulations regarding getting driftwood, so make sure to check for local regulations. Moreover, since fishermen work along coastal areas, you can ask for any driftwood that they might be seeing along the shore. You might also check areas near your local rivers and lakes, as driftwood can be found there as well, making it the best place for driftwood for home decor projects.

2. Online Shops

driftwood online shops

If you live far away from any bodies of water, you can check online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplaces or our driftwood shop. You can also check online shops like amazon, etsy, and aliexpress. Walmart is also offering driftwoods.

3. Landscaping Supply Stores and Pet Store

Since driftwood can be used as a decorative material for landscaping, look for landscaping supply stores because they might be selling driftwood. Aside from landscaping, driftwoods are also used in aquariums so make sure to visit your local pet stores to find out if there are any.

4. Local Woodworking Shops

Local woodworking shops can be hidden gems for finding driftwood-like pieces. These establishments often have scraps of wood that closely resemble the organic and weathered appearance of driftwood. If you're in search of unique materials for your crafting projects, it's worthwhile to check out your nearby woodworking shop. Engaging with these local businesses not only opens up the possibility of discovering distinctive pieces but also supports the community's craftsmanship and creativity.

5. DIY: Create your own

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Now, if the above choices are infeasible, you can also do anything on your own. If you have access to some wood and have enough time, you can create your driftwood.  Above all, keep in mind that collecting driftwood shall be legally and ethically obtained, and of course, be mindful of your environment. Clean and sterilize driftwood before using it for decorative purposes. 

Where to Naturally Find Driftwood?

driftwood shore

Driftwood can be washed ashore by tides and can also be found along lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. Some of the places where you can find one are beaches, riverbanks, lakeshores, estuaries, islands, storm-prone areas, and logs in rivers. Keep in mind that these locations might have an existing regulation regarding driftwood collection so be mindful of that. 

In summary, discovering affordable driftwood for crafting involves exploring various sources. Whether you check beaches after storms, browse online driftwood shop, visit landscaping and pet stores, explore local woodworking shops, or opt for a DIY approach, opportunities abound. It's crucial to be mindful of local regulations, collect driftwood ethically, and ensure proper cleaning. By combining resourcefulness and ethical practices, enthusiasts can access affordable driftwood while contributing to environmental sustainability and creative endeavors.


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