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Unveiling the Meaning and Uses of Petrified Wood in Feng Shui

POSTED ON JAN 16, 2024

petrified wood feng shui

Petrified wood is a type of wood that is fossilized and has turned into stone over a million years. It has distinct textures and patterns and is often found in shades of brown, tan, and yellow. Petrified wood is considered a powerful grounding element in Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophy. It is believed that petrified wood can bring stability and calm to life.

What Does Petrified Wood Mean in Feng Shui

It is believed that petrified wood comes along with the element of earth. It brings stability and solidity to the atmosphere and can help the energy center in the environment. Petrified wood symbolizes longevity and endurance. It brings timeliness and permanence in the environment and it serves as a reminder of enduring qualities of nature. Since Feng Shui is considered to bring balance, therefore they believed that petrified wood could help in the order and structure of the space.

How Do You Use Petrified Wood in Feng Shui?

petrified wood in feng shui

Petrified wood is often used as a decoration at home. It can be placed on tables, shelves, and chairs. It is also particularly placed in the bedroom or dresser. In Feng Shui, petrified wood in the garden brings stability and balance to the environment and it also promotes a sense of relaxation and calmness when spending time near it.

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Incorporating Decorative Items and Accessories

Petrified wood can be crafted into decorative accessories like picture frames, candle holders, and/ or vases. The following are the examples of petrified wood as an accessory.

• Candle holder

• Picture Frame

• Set of Coasters

• Natural Clock Face

• Bowls and Plates

Benefits of Petrified Wood to Feng Shui

petrified wood art

Enhances the energy flow in a space

The use of petrified wood in Feng Shui enhances the “chi” or the flow of energy in space. The petrified wood has a specific flow of movement which helps the circulation of energy in space. That is why it was believed that it brings a sense of balance and calm.

Brings a sense of balance and calm

Petrified wood brings a sense of balance and calm due to the flow of its energy. Petrified wood is particularly useful in environments where chaos and activity take place and it brings a sense of calm to the space or the environment in general.

Increase prosperity and abundance

In Feng Shui, petrified wood comes along with abundance and prosperity. Its energy brings a sense of stability and security to space and at the same time promotes abundance and prosperity. Mainly, petrified wood attracts abundance in wealth and helps individuals manifest their goals. It is effective in attracting financial stability and abundance.

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In the concept of spiritual beliefs like Feng Shui, petrified wood is a material that brings stability, balance, calmness, prosperity, and abundance. It is a powerful grounding element in Feng Shui and some people use it as a decorative element in gardens which they believe can bring prosperity to them. Its unique patterns make it visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing, therefore, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility.


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